The truth shall set you free (John 8:32) The truth shall set you free  (John 8:32)  



Do you remember the song, "This Train Is Bound For Glory"?

Well, even if you don't remember, I still invite you to hop on and take a ride. Travel with me through the Word of God and let's meet the Master together. I'm a writer, an author, and I love to write articles and devotionals that reflect the love of God for His people.


My name is Jack Corcoran and I live with my wife in the SE part of Indiana. I'm the father of four daughters and the grandfather of six beautiful children (3 boys and 3 girls -so far).  I write as God leads me so you might find that there's nothing new for a week or two. Then again, you might find several new articles in just a few days. On some ocassions, I will post an article from other Christian writers as they give me permission. And, on ocassions, I might include something from my readers as long as you allow me the right to accept or decline according to whether or not your submission brings glory to God.


I would encourage you to read My Personal Story first so you will have an idea of who I am and why I write Christian articles.


In any case, I invite you to come along for the ride. I promise you one thing; it will be an interesting trip.

below is something a friend sent me called the Knots Prayer. You might have to enlarge it to read it but I believe you'll find it worth reading

unless otherwise noted all scriptures are taken from the NIV Study Bible. Copyright 1985 by the Zondervan Corporation

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